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Need to sell your home fast?

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Reasons why people sell their home fast to us:

* You've tried to sell with an agent but you've had no results
* You want to avoid real estate fees and commissions
* You're a landlord tired of dealing with bad tenants
* You need to sell quickly due to divorce
* You're facing a job transfer/relocation
* You're behind on payments or dealing with foreclosure
* You have a house that needs too much repair
* You have a vacant house and want to sell it fast


Call Sheree on 03 9923 6971 for an immediate sale.

We Can Save the Day for You Because We Buy Houses Fast

Contrary to popular belief, real estate agents can be quite picky about the homeowners they work with. Worse, even after asking homeowners to jump over all sorts of hurdles, they can still choose not to work with you. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that when you choose to work with real estate investors like us. We know and understand what you need, and that’s why we buy houses fast.

Are you having trouble with your tenants?

Being a landlord is supposed to be a nice and cushy job, but reality says otherwise. The first few months – or years if you are the persevering type – are enough to tell you that being a landlord is no different from being the headmistress in a reform school. The rent’s simply never enough to compensate for all the migraines you take home with you every night.

Put an end to all your nightmares. Sell your house fast to us and you can start a new life right away.

Have you received another foreclosure letter?

Mailboxes tend to hold all sorts of surprises. You’d normally be excited for them, but not when you know that it means having a foreclosure notice finding its way to your home. No one wants to have their homes foreclosed and confiscated by the bank, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

Various circumstances may have forced you to your current predicament, but not all your neighbours will be as understanding as you’d want them to be. Many will insist on judging you without knowing the real story. But we are different. We know what you are going through, and it’s why we are offering you a chance to turn your life around for good. Sell your home quickly to us, and you will never have to fear about being evicted out of your home.

You can choose to walk away from your home instead and save you and your loved ones from the humiliating consequences of foreclosure and eviction.

Do you owe more than what your house is worth?

At first glance, mortgages may seem like the answer to your prayers. You borrow money using the equity in your house. It’s better than having to swallow your pride and borrowing money from your friend, brother, or even your mother-in-law.

But again, inevitable circumstances, emergencies, and tragedies – so many things can happen and which ultimately prevent you from being paying for your mortgage on time. Before you know it, your mortgage has ballooned into gigantic proportions and you now owe more than what your house can currently sell for.

In such instances, you have three choices. You can try increasing your earnings and pay off the rest of your mortgage. That, however, is easier than done. Another option is to wait for the banks to foreclose on your property. It may mean living rent-free in your house, but that’s not going to last forever.

The last option, however, is the most feasible to us. We buy houses quickly and without any hassle on your part. So why not put an end to your misery and sell your home to us today? We also have other options available for selling your home that may also be more suitable. The proceeds from a sale or other agreement may be used to pay a part of your debt – enough to keep the banks happy and willing to give you a few more months to get back on your feet.